In September of 2012, I flew to Germany on my own to cross of a major item on my bucket list and its name was Nürburgring. I spent a week in the town of Nürburg and finally got to drive on the world famous Nürburgring race track after 7 years when I discovered it playing Gran Turismo 4 on PlayStation 2. I made a mini-documentary about my experience along with some history of the track and ongoing troubles. Some footage was "borrowed" in order to tell the story but the footage is mainly mine. I'd love to share some of my experiences with you so please check out the video. Cheers! - Tao
CES 2013 showed us how much the industry and consumers have grown to love tablets, phablets and smartphones. The rise of extemely portable, powerful and convienent mobile computing has shifted the consumer landscape to one without desktop computers. Who wants to be tethered to their desk in this day and age when you can be on the go or on your couch. Another contributing factor to the success of tablet computing is processing power. It's hard for me these days to even give meaningful advice about which computer to get with what specs are needed when most PCs do what most consumers the web, YouTube and email. Not only are laptops and desktops feeling the plummet in sales but the traditional handheld gaming market such as the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita are also feeling the crunch.  My answer to most people nowadays is get whatever is cheap and has a good warranty. Fewer people need gaming big rigs and the PC parts industry has definitely felt the decline in sales. The fall of the traditional PC market has also made big companies such as Dell and HP restructure to try to stay relavent and survive. Microsoft is even struggling as desktop/laptop growth has fallen which has caused lower than forcasted adoption rates of Windows 8. I for one will still be building my own PCs for as long as I can as one of the fewer power-users who needs workstations that can push multiple HD streams while editing video and the storage space that comes with that territory...why do I feel so old all the sudden.
McLaren has unveiled their latest supercar called the "P1" at the Paris 2012 Motor Show. P1 is another F1 inspired name from McLaren which represents the pole position on the F1 starting grid. The new vehicle is 90% production ready. Final specification have not been released by McLaren but they did say the "ultimate supercar" will have a power-to-weight ratio of over 600bhp per tonne when it goes on sale in late 2013. This would suggest the P1 is much lighter than the MP4-12C and may have a total output of around 720bhp. I'm drooling already. Can't wait to see how the P1 fairs on the Nurburgring!
HTC announced the their latest device called the "Butterfly J". This new phablet will have a 5" display which will feature 1080p screen resolution based on their new "Super LCD 3" tech. As with HDTVs, higher resolutions are not always better. Factors such as distance to the screen, display size and resolutions all play a role in how your eyes perceive sharpness. Most people will not be able to see screen resolutions past 229 pixels per square inch. The iPhone 5 with its "Retina Display" produces 326ppi while the Samsung Galaxy S3 produces 306ppi. Unless you have better than 20/20 vision or your eyeball pressed up against the screen you'll hardly notice the benefits of 1080p. Screen real estate is the most beneficial of higher res screens for more icons to display. Something to think about the next time a friend brags about their new phone or HDTV.
Mankind has always seeked and invention that combines delicious popcorn with the awesomeness of a launcher with a dash of laziness. The time has come for mankind to enjoy the epic awesomeness of the Popinator! Popcorn Indiana's in-house project launches popcorn at you by just saying the word "Pop". This voice activated device will someday come to the masses based on demand. So now would be a good time to write and call Popcorn Indiana. I'm gonna hold my breathe until it comes out starting now........
Exclusive photo of BMW's upcoming 4-Series prototype seen near Nürburgring reveals a convertible verison of the new car line expected in 2013. The model is expected to replace the 3-Series coupes in BMW's portfolio of vehicles.
Ken Block is at it again! This time in the playground streets of San Francisco for Gymkhana 5. Travis Pastrana makes a cameo appearance. Enjoy!
Okay this definitely caught my attention! I should try this someday. Having 2 high resolution LCD screens running high defenition video that moves with you as the Xbox Kinect detects the position of your head! Check out the video as it's one helluva party trick and conversation starter!
Yeah I know I'm behind on my posts and Scott Pilgrim has been out for a while now but I thought I'd share a little 8-Bit nostalgia with you. 8-Bit music is also know as "chiptunes" and an awesome example of this is world 1-1 of the Scott Pilgrim Vs The World Game on PSN and Xbox Live. The music is from the band Anamanaguchi from New York who specialize in chiptune music. The track is called "Another Winter" and it's been looping on my speakers for a while now! Check it out!
The "affordable M3", BMW 1M, has been sold out for over a month. Some BMW dealerships were even known for raising the sticker price of $54000 another $40000 during it's 1000 copy run. Anyone looking for a good deal on a 1M should look elsewhere as there's been no depreciation on the vehicle since launch and is the only BMW appreciating in value in recent memory. I'd certainly get in line for one in the future but I just wish it had paddle shifters. This car is for purists only!

"When you hit it right, with the exact amount of power, the right amount of bank and the precise amount of steering, the 1 does what every proper M car should do: hangs out its tail until instructed otherwise." - Autoblog

Engine: Twin-Turbo 3.0L I6
Power: 335 HP / 332 LB-FT
Transmission: 6-Speed Manual
0-60 Time: 4.7 Seconds
Top Speed:
155 MPH (limited)
Drivetrain: Rear-Wheel Drive